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    Why not Macafee as an opt-in


      Instead of as an opt-out - it exposes more computers to virus when people re-install their computers, because they NEED adobe to do netbanking, but the very few computers it saves that haven't got an anti virus program doesn't even make up for the many it ruins and exposes to virus.


      You're pushing away customers as well - no one wanna buy your sh**ty products if all they experience is trouble from a sh**ty program they accidently install.

      I'm sick and tired of it and if there's ever an alternative you will lose millions of customers. It's not a good business plan at all. That's how all complacent companies lost big chunks of market shares to other companies. Why do you think Mozilla took over as market leader from microsoft and google is now taking over from mozilla, because they made all their stuff bloated as f**k.


      Hire some visionairies - your profit may suffer a bit now and here, but in the long run you'll get loads more profits if you don't fall for the get money quick scam that is bloating your stuff.


      That is also what is happening to photoshop by the way.

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          Mike M Level 6

          Preaching to the choir.


          People WILL continue to buy Adobe products, because they LEAD th market for photo, video and web editing software.


          You're not alone in your frustration, but it would literally take BILLIONS of customers deciding that the inconvenience of unchecking a box is enough to make them give up most of their livelihood while they try to find equivalent software... for anything to change, and frankly, "it ain't gonna happen."


          Mozilla took over as #1 browser for the simple reason that IE sucks. Microsoft has always figured that "it comes with our wonderful (sic) Operating System, so they'll use it". IE still uses ActiveX controls because it has more holes in it than the U.S. Mexico border fence, and those cause more problems than they solve. That's why NO OTHER BROWSER uses ActiveX controls. That and Microsoft hold the excliusive patne t on them, even though they suck.


          You'll have a VERY HARD TIME convincing every graphic artist out there to use Paint, or GIMP instead of Photoshop or Fireworks, or FrontPage (they stopped making it in 2004) insatead of Dreamweaver.


          And Adobe has the market on PDF software, because they hold the design patents for Acrobat, Reader and PDF documents