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    How to apply 'mark in' and 'mark out' properties to clips in mass?


      See, there is 500+ clips that I go, one by one, applying 'mark in' and 'mark out' parameters to make them last roughly 3 seconds. Only 10% of these numbers need more treatment than that, so it would take a lot less time to un-cut these clips than to cut them all. It would be fine to apply them from start point to 3s, and I would roll the window to most relevant places as I wish.


      Countless times, I would double-click an asset on the project panel, go for the source panel, press spacebar to start the clip, press I to add mark-in, press O to add mark-out, roll the window a little or adjust it to 3 seconds, press comma to add it to the timeline, just to repeat it, over and over and over and over again. I feel like I'm f%&#ng Sysyphus.


      It would surely reduce my so-underpaid worktime 60% or more if I struggle to. My fingers are crossed for a positive on this one.


      Edit: adding the middle paragraph and correcting grammar.