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    Flex project is not building

      I m facing a stange problem, i m not getting any error on flex, instead the problem is,

      i set "Build Automatically" option ON, for a project i m working each time it was building corretly, which reflact as soon as i run the project.

      the problem just i m facing is, when i build a project it is not taking from the updates....... i written so much code.. but tsill output is still of last day's build.

      means... today i added a double click script to a datagrid..., but when i build the project it is showing non of double click effects.. means it is still taking from last days buils.... at script writing time it checks for error, expect all other things are fine.... but this Build is making problem...

      i tried with "manually build", "clear build" as well as i reinstalled the flex still the problem remains same.

      so is there any settings like HISTORY build........ or anything else, which may solve mine prob

      im usinng Flex Builder 2.0.1 version built with eclips
      thanks in advance.