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    Automatic text in Flash 8

      Maybe you know of a tutorial that could help me with this question, because it is not necessarily regarding a SPECIFIC project. I have several applications where I would like to tell FLASH to look for information and generate text (sometimes links) in prescribed fields of an SWF.

      Can I:
      1) Have Flash capture a PORTION of text (I know how to import an entire file) from a separate .txt. file and display it on stage? Can this be done with a spreadsheet?
      2) Have Flash read the contents of a folder and generate on-stage links to those files automatically?
      3) Have Flash read the properties of a file (i.e. Artist, Title or Date from a video or audio file - not simply the file name) and generate text?

      One application I am hoping to use this on is a Video Library. Ideally, Flash could scan the Folder that contains the video files, read the properties of those files and generate a current list that includes - Video Title, Video Author, Video Date, and a link to open each video.
      My job would then be simply to upload the videos with accurate Property info. Currently, I am also manually entering the file information into 4 columns (Title, Author, Date, Link) and re-publishing the SWF each time a video is added.
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          niki tsanov Level 1
          Hello.You can do all of this things afcource firstable thing of this is to use some server-side language to communicate with folders and other output files.Everything other is from flash i mean you can prepare your vision design for buttons and everything after that when you execute for example getVideo.php u can link your information to buttons textfields and everything other.Before 1 week i was made project that do the fallowing things list categorys this mean every category store subcategory and information about 11 fields i test with 50000 random records from database everything work perfect only one thing if you generate some search results limit the results because if is more results and use for loop the flash player can be broke.The other thing is u must know flash has exatly width and height and if you generate results u must use scrollpane or made some scrollbar f.So finaly with two words is possible to do this Video library the other way is to use Flex see the showcase at www.flex.org :)
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            TnT_design Level 1
            Thank you, Niki! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with this.

            I had forgotten about the possibilities of PHP. I'm going to start looking for tutorials. :-)
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              niki tsanov Level 1
              Good luck the other thing u must know they flash is not supported with seo i mean if you think to do famous video library and if you want to find easy check this one http://www.asual.com/swfaddress/ is very useful tool the other thing is http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flash/articles/flash_xmlphp_print.html