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    CF8 Upgrade JVM/SWSOC Problems

      Upgrading from CF7 to CF8 is problematic with Java Out of Memory and Unable to Create New Thread errors and swsoc.exe memory consumption creeping up to > 300 MB (1/7/2008 - First thing this AM, swsoc.exe process was using 800 MB memory.).

      I've been stable on CF7 with JVM 1.4.2 for a year and on prior JVM version before that with none of these problems. I expected similar stability from CF8, but have had to constantly babysit, cycle the JRUN and ODBC services to get the memory back. I've given the JRun instance 1GB of memory but seen Windows say it is using 1.3GB while the server monitory shows 820MB. I definitely haven't mastered the server monitoring yet, but it's looking like I'll have to go back to CF7 until I can figure this out.

      I'm trying to run on two CF8 instances, but have still got he CF7 boxes available. I'm using the multi-server configuration with three physical servers and one VM behind an F5. When the CF8 boxes wimp out and start crashing, I can bring the CF7 boxes back in and they pick up the load and save the day no problem, no babysitting required.

      I'm running Win2003, IIS6, talking to SQL2005, Oracle and DB2 via Neon Shadow Drivers set up with ODBC. I did initial setup of CF8 server instance from a CAR file from the CF7 instance.

      Any suggestions or sympathy welcome.