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    How to change sequence settings without CC 7.1 update?

    Sijimo9 Level 1

      Well, i was hoping that Adobe will release 7.1 update on October 15th, as promised on some websites. I don't recall, maybe it was Creative COW or any other.

      That's why i have created 720p PRORES proxies for 9x multi-camera live performance shoot which lasts for 2 hours for lag free, fast editing.

      I have sucessfully edited it and promised my clients that on October 16th they will get the whole show in 1080p, high quality.


      So, there is no update yet, and yes, i can relink files to original 1080p, but the multicam sequence is capped to 720p and i simply can't find a way to change it's size.

      The old fashion copy/paste way from one sequence to another does not work, since 720p sequence is linked to multicam edits. In CS6 i could edit ".prproj" file in text editor to change any properties (including sequence properties), but right now in CC, .prproj file contains binary data only, so i can't do it that way either.



      Maybe someone knows any other way to change sequence settings right now, or what is the exact day for 7.1 release?

      Thank you!