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    Exporting MPEG IMX

    Ugl_ editor

      I have a client requirement and seems that it is becoming more and more popular. They ask for dvd mpeg IMX export with these specificaions:


      IMX30 Standard Definition:

      Video File File: IMX30 QuickTime MOV or OP1a MXF wrapped

      File Extension: .mov or .mxf

      File Chroma Encoding: 4:2:2

      Encoding Bitrate: 30Mbit/sec

      Encoding GOP: I frame only

      MPEG Encoding Type: Interlaced TFF

      Video Standard: PAL

      Levels: Standard Video Levels BT.601 (16-235. Not

      RGB 0-255)

      Aspect Ratio: 16/9 or 4/3 per destination requirements

      Frame Size: 720(H) x 576(V) pixels (PAL), 720 x 480


      Frame Rate: 25.00 fps (PAL), 29.97 (NTSC)

      Picture Scan Type: Interlaced TFF or Progressive

      Duration: As specified at upload time mm:ss:ff1


      I know I can export  .MXF via MXF OP1a but I can't see any of the parameters that I can edit. Are the default parameters standard like the requirements above? Or do I have to bring my material out to encode this? Thanks.