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    Locate file window doesn't work

    Filip Kaczorek

      Ok, this problem occures only on our Z800 workstations.

      Everything works as expected on my laptop.


      When I try to relink a media file, the relink media window opens, and then I click the Locate button.

      The new window ALWAYS opens in the top most level (basically My Computer in windows) and not in the last used directory.

      I think it has something to do with the second problem - the path text box doesn't work. Whatever I enter there and click Return - nothing happens. It doesn't navigate to the folder specified in the path field. The only way to navigate is to go throught the folder tree on the left.

      For every file I have to do it always from the top most level - that is a lot of clicking.


      Also if I uncheck Use Media Browser to locate files, the default windows dialog properly navigates to the last known location of the file.


      I know it's an error - since on my laptop everything works fine. The window opens in the last know location of the media file and I can easily navigate using the path field.


      Any suggestions what could be the reason for this?