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    White box appears on load. Premiere Pro CS6  crash

    Lawrence City Lit

      Hi all,


      We're having an issue loading Premiere Pro CS6.


      Basically, once you've been through the pre-load screens (new project and sequence setup) rather than loading the Premiere interface, a white rectangular box appears and Premiere Pro crashes. If you force quit and reload the application and go through the same process, the interface loads.


      I've embedded a video below showing it happening. Here is the crash log:


      16/10/2013 10:46:39.334AirParrot[231]id: 100, namd: Premiere Pro 5.0
      16/10/2013 10:46:39.334AirParrot[231]id: 97, namd: Premiere Pro 6.0
      16/10/2013 10:47:21.682Adobe Premiere Pro CS6[270]invalid drawable
      16/10/2013 10:48:14.022Adobe Premiere Pro CS6[270]NSAlert is being used from a background thread, which is not safe.  This is probably going to crash sometimes. Break on void _NSAlertWarnUnsafeBackgroundThreadUsage() to debug.  This will be logged only once.  This may break in the future.
      16/10/2013 10:48:36.968com.apple.launchd.peruser.516[160]([0x0-0x29029].com.adobe.AdobePremierePro[270]) Exited: Killed: 9
      16/10/2013 10:48:39.385Adobe Premiere Pro CS6[305]invalid drawable
      16/10/2013 10:49:47.640Adobe Premiere Pro CS6[305][PremiereCocoaMacApplication handleMenuCommand:1903520116 from <DVAMacMenuItem: 0x10fa56880 Quit Premiere Pro>]




      Here are the computer specs:


      Running Mac OS X 10.8.5 and Premiere Pro CS6 6.0.5. The user account this is happening on it Parental Controlled (locked dock and no-password-reset enabled)


        Model Name:Mac Pro
        Model Identifier:MacPro4,1
        Processor Name:Quad-Core Intel Xeon
        Processor Speed:2.66 GHz
        Number of Processors:1
        Total Number of Cores:4
        L2 Cache (per Core):256 KB
        L3 Cache:8 MB
        Memory:6 GB
        Processor Interconnect Speed:4.8 GT/s
        Boot ROM Version:MP41.0081.B07
        SMC Version (system):1.39f5
        SMC Version (processor tray):1.39f5




      • Tried changing scratch disk and project file location (to desktop) - issue still happens
      • Tried using different format presets - issue still happens
      • This issue persists across a studio of 15 Mac Pros. Their OSX and Adobe installations are all the same but the Mac Pros are different models ranging from 2009-2012.