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    Shockwave content gives black page in certain browsers

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      Title says all. I have a shockwave application on an inhouse - webserver that shows well on certain machines, and a black page on others. Didn't find a logic in where it's shown and where not, all in all one can say that the application is shown rather on old installations. But then I think the players should be downward compatible? When it's not shown, it's not shown in any browser. Anyway, this is very annoying.

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          After deinstalling shockwave player and installing again, this time not "slim" but "full" version, all is fine. But why is there a slim version that differs from the full version? My assumtion was, that the "full" version is a standalone one, while the "slim" version downloads missing files when installing. Didn't realize that there is a real difference - and this will confuse many customers too.

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            Milky_au Level 3

            G'day Albatros,


            This might be of some interest to you…



            After years of problems with browsers and shockwave my company gave up on it.


            Our problems >

            I personal believed in the shockwave browser player, BUT…

            Trying to keep it working with an ever changing browsers/web landscape it a very hard ask.


            Most of our customers don't have the shockwave player installed - and don't want to install it.

            They also believe that it's the flash player and get confused.


            They hate having to choose to NOT install other things like - Norton Security Scan


            We even had a problem with a user, who after installing the shockwave player (& nortons) - ended up having Nortons find a problem with the shockwave player they had just installed.


            Our customers found it too difficult it keep on updating the player every few months.


            We could not keep up with all the support problems - which would be often, and mostly regarding the black screen of death.



            Our fix >

            So we fixed our shockwave player problems by creating a portal program, which our end users copy to their computers, which then downloads and runs our shockwave files. No need to install shockwave & no need of a browser!!!


            Basically you create a stub projector file (using director), which the end user runs, which then downloads and plays your shockwave content, over the internet. We even got ours to work through authenticated proxy servers.


            It does not need, or use a browser - and because your projector file, is in fact a shockwave player, your end users will not need to install the shockwave player at all!!!


            In theory it's like making your own browser app - but it only goes to your web site, and plays your (.drc, .dxr, .dir) content.


            The only downside is that your end users will have to download and use your little portal.exe to play your online stuff.

            (But they will only have to do this once - and it will work every time.)


            That's why we find shockwave to be amazing.



            PS - Plus the amazing new iOS shockwave player.

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              Hi Milky_au,


              thanks a lot for the infos. I'll pick up the idea of having "an own webbrowser" for another project.


              I confirm very much with all points. Years ago I had that "black screen of death" on mentioned project, it disappeared with some update, don't know if that was browser or shockwave, at some undetermined time. Seeing the black screen coming back I was thinking of "didn't they finally get it after all those years?". At the same time I wondered why there are apparently only few people with this problem - searched a lot but couldn't find something particular on that topic, at least not in the dimension I would expect.


              Completely agree with that "Norton" - issue. Coming to the point where you have to deselect it, many customers canceled installation at all, asking back why I excpect them to install such trash. I'm convinced that shockwave would be much more widespread used if there were not this shady installation process.


              For the current project, we need the application to play inside a browser. In fact this was original a desktop application, and I had a lot of effort to make it shockwave - save. Reason is, we want it to play on a secured kiosk system, where people can choose to open the applicaton as well as to go to certain web sites, but not to others. Therefore we use the protection software "sitekiosk", which works best when started at boot time. Switching between the web and the application works well when the application itself is in the web. If not, there are problems with lagging when application starts, unsafe start processes, unwanted splash screens, windows in background and so on. But the kiosks are inhouse, so fortunately once running all is fine.

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                In case of anybody having related problems:


                It turned out that at least in this case the black pages were my fault(s). I had mainly two different issues:


                1. Preloading the new movie

                2. Jump to the new movie





                After building in a progress bar and monitoring the loading progress more in detail with "getStreamStatus" instead of only "netdone" I realised, that for some net connections I had to implement some broader timeouts, means it lasts longer than premised before even the first byte is on the way, and even if downloading starts there could be some long breaks. So in my code now I test every 10 seconds if there is a progress to the previous 10 second state. If a progress is recognized within 10 seconds, the 10 seconds starts from new:


                on stepframe me


                progress = me.checkstatus(p_int_NetId)


                if progress[1] then


                   me.loadEnd ()

                end if


                if _system.milliseconds - p_int_start > 10000 then


                   if progress[2] <> p_flt_progressOld then

                     p_flt_progressOld = progress[2]

                     p_int_start = _system.milliseconds



                     me.loadEnd ()

                   end if

                  end if




                Jump to new Movie:


                I didn't realize that my shockwave movie doesn't stop after reaching the end as a desktop movie does, but always starts from new. So the calling movie starts over and over again, having my "loaded"-Flag set and thus calling "gotonetmovie(targetmovie)" one after another. But like the help states:


                "If a gotoNetMovie operation is in progress and you issue a second gotoNetMovie command before the first is finished, the second command cancels the first."


                Here is, where different PCs (and different shockwave versions) behave different: For some, the time period to the next call is obviously enough to start the new movie - jump success. But not for all.



                Considering these issues finally did the trick for me.

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                  Milky_au Level 3

                  Great to read that you have a handle on this issue with shockwave.


                  if you're users are still having issues with the 'shockwave black screen of death' let me know - as there are a few other tricks to bypass the problems.

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                    Albatros22 Level 1

                    Thanks a lot - good to know there are people out there if having problems.

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                      It's possible also that certain users have their  Internet Explorer settings too high.


                      In the Internet Options under "Security"  if you have the wrong settings   it can cause a Black Blank Screen.

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                        I have a problem and I need your help. I have made update adobe shockwave and flash. When I open my project I give black screen but the audio playing.

                        I make my video with Adobe Flash Pro at format video.swf

                        Why do I give to me black screen? My video plays normally two weeks before.