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    playback stuttering with XDCAM EX




      Please can someone give me abit more detail about the fact that PP can't even be playing XDCAM EX footage stabily and completely fine (without any fx on it).

      i'm sorry, but how can that be, while FCP 7 could play it back totally fine (even with some speed fx on it, 3 way color correctors and motion basic KF). And i'm talking about a MBook Pro from 2008...! Now on a 12 core with 20Gb RAM, PP sometimes plays it fine, sometime stuttering... Really not reliable! This should be 100% smooth, period. Not even 99% smooth.


      I know I made the choice to switch to PP and think Apple betrayed all the editors that worked with FCP and I do want to believe in Adobe, but please, playback... I mean... How basic can we be?


      On a professional level, I'm gonna work on a 6 x 1h show for NatGeo and PBS and have told my producer to go for PP... It's good to be able to ingest all formats on one TL and one project, (although projet/Sequences/Bins sharing is just not developped in PP) but if I can't just have a normal trustable playback of XDCAM, how can I work?


      So, maybe I miss something, maybe I omitted to click somewhere...


      Any ideas?





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          SAFEHARBOR11 Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Federico,


          I have seen this issue on a PC, not sure if same fix will apply to a Mac, but please note the following. The best practice for Importing footage from memory cards is to Copy the ENTIRE contents of the card to the computer hard drive. Do not run the Sony transfer utility. Just move all folders from card to hard drive. Then in Premiere, use MEDIA BROWSER to Import, not File > Import. There is metadata and file structure that Media Browser understands to ensure that Premiere correctly interprets the footage, and you may not get that compatibility with a straight import of video clips only.


          Hope this helps




          Jeff Pulera

          Safe Harbor Computers

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            Federico-BlueFrameVisuals Level 1



            thanks, I will try that on my next project!

            Seems strange to me that a compressed BPAV structure might play smoother than a converted XDCAM clip but who knows..?

            I'll post the results.



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              AzzieScott Level 1

              I had an issue before with my timeline playback becoming choppy. The way I resolved the issue was given to me by Adobe tech support. While adobe has several presets for your footage they may not be a perfect match of your footage. You should create a new sequence and go to custom sequence copy the files from your original sequence and paste them into the timeline of your new sequence.Then you can fine tune you sequence to match your footage exactly. When I did that it corrected my issue and my timeline played perfectly with no issues.

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                Federico-BlueFrameVisuals Level 1

                Hi AzzieScott,


                thx for your reply.

                I'm aware of this of course. But PP is supposed to ingest everything on 1 timeline/sequence and that's one of the reason I moved on to it. I work in a 1080p Pro Ress 422 sequence and use various sorts of footage (XDCAM EX, but also MP4 from a Nikon D800...).

                that should work. FCP 7 had no problems at all with the same config, on my laptop of 2008 (I mean of course for the XDCAM footage; it wasn't handling the D800 mp4... :-)


                thx, but Adobe should work on basics before offering the sky...





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                  AzzieScott Level 1

                  Yes, you are absolutely correct. The timeline is suppose to handle multiple file formats with no issues. Hopefully with this October release update, they will address this issue.