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    Unable to load tab data dynamically

    kingquattro Level 1
      Hey, I was wondering if there is anyone around in Newark, DE or closer by that might be willing to help me with this. My head is hurting now trying to figure this out, and I am not quite sure how to explain my problem either or were to begin.

      problem 1: I have a search form, and a results dataGrid all on same screen. What I want to do is when user clicks on a record in the datagrid they view the details page that is a tabNavigator.

      problem 2: Here in details page there is a main tab, and other tabs should be generated dynamically, and the tabs content should only be loaded when user clicks on that tab (creationPolicy=auto) but just by placing (creationpolicy=auto) in the <mx:Tabnavigator) does not work, because the tabs are generated dynamically in <mx:script> block, and there is nothing in the <mx:Tabnavigator> tag.

      Please help, I you are around here perhaps you be so kind and help for a view min or so or point me in the right place if i can explain you my situation. coffee is on me.