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    Can anyone help me install a plug in into edge? (Parallax)

    RavenDesign Level 1

      Ok so the plugin is here: http://stephband.info/jparallax/


      Its a Parallax effect, when the mouse moves the selected layers(DIV's) move.


      Im really struggling to get this to work though I've tried


         yepnope({nope:[ 'jquery.parallax.js',



                                         ],complete: init});

                     function init ()




      // Declare parallax on layers


      mouseport: jQuery("body, html")







      Then with the DIV's I want to move I give them the Class of parallax-layer like it shows in the documentation

      But it's not working could anyone help me with this?

      I have no idea where Im going wrong nor how to get this right.


      Thank you in advance!