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    Who's using Adobe Premiere Pro CC on a Share Network (NAS)

    Chris Brown 10



      I work at a small production company and we've been using a 1Gig Ethernet line connected to a Synology DS1812+, to share media to 4 Mac Pros running FCP 7.


      Everything was fine (a little slow at times) until we decided to invest in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It seems that PP doesn't like shared storage very much and we've had problems with spanned clips (from a C300) not arranging themselves properly once ingested.


      We've come to the conclusion that our shared storage might not be fast enough. We're looking at upgrading to a 10Gig setup, which we hope will solve the issue.


      Is anyone currently using PP with some shared storage? If so would you mind telling me your setup?


      Maybe speed isn't our issue and its the drive itself, any help would be great. We're based in London, so if anyone has any company recommendations in that area that would be greatly appreciated.