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    CFCalendar losing date after edit page

    BACFL Level 1

      I'll try to keep this simple.


      1.  I have a new page where there are four cfcalendars.  For example, I select a date on each of them and submit.

      2. All four dates get recorded in the database.

      3. I go to the edit page that these four cfcalendars reside on.

      4. I don't edit the dates, but may change something else, such as user information.

      5. I submit the edit page and one of the dates will update and disappear from the database.

      6. If I edit again, another one may disappear.


      This is quite strange and I can not figure out why it is happening.  It is as though if the cfcalendar is not edited, it doesn't pass the existing date for that cfcalendar.


      Thanks for your help.