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    How to animate snow fall as background?

    duenorth09 Level 1

      I'd like to animate snow falling. I assume Edge would be able to do this. Will it be possible to add it as a background? Or would it just be easier to add the effect to the top graphic portion of my page? I've used Edge back when it first came out. But havent' touched it in a while. I'm now working "in the Cloud". thank you! Oh... and I do use Dreamweaver.

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          Zaxist Level 4

          you can make this effect by these lines :


          in Stage > compositionReady :


          (function(e){e.fn.jSnow=function(t){function w(){r=e("body").width();if(!d){i=window.innerHeight||document.documentElement.clientHeigh t;i-=50}else i=d}function E(t,n){t=t||1;n=n||false;var s=0;for(s=0;s<t;s++){var h=e("<span />");var d=a+Math.floor(Math.random()*f);var v=o[Math.floor(Math.random()*o.length)];if(v.indexOf(".gif")!=-1||v.indexOf(".png")!=-1){ var m=new Image;if(g)v=v.replace("png","gif");m.src=v;v="<img src='"+v+"' alt='jSnowFlake'>"}h.html(v).css({color:u[Math.floor(Math.random()*u.length)],fontSize:d+ "px",display:"block",position:"absolute",cursor:"default","z-index":p});e(y).append(h);f_l eft=Math.floor(Math.random()*(r-h.width()-50))+25;f_top=n?-1*h.height():Math.floor(Math.ra ndom()*(i-50));var w=Math.floor(Math.random()*90);jQuery.data(h,"posData",{top:f_top,left:f_left,rad:Math.ra ndom()*50,i:Math.ceil(l+Math.random()*(c-l)),swingRange:w});h.css({top:f_top+"px",left:f_l eft+"px"});b.push(h)}}function S(){var e=0;for(e=b.length-1;e>=0;e--){var t=b[e];var n=jQuery.data(t,"posData");n.top+=n.i;var r=Number();r=Math.cos(n.rad/180*Math.PI);n.rad+=2;var s=n.left-r*n.swingRange;if(v){op=i-n.top<100?(i-n.top)/100:1;t.css("opacity",op)}t.css({t op:n.top+"px",left:s+"px"});if(n.top>i){jQuery.removeData(t);t.remove();b.splice(e,1);E(1, true)}}}var n=e.extend({},e.fn.jSnow.defaults,t);var r,i;var s=n.flakes;var o=n.flakeCode;var u=n.flakeColor;var a=n.flakeMinSize;var f=n.flakeMaxSize;var l=n.fallingSpeedMin;var c=n.fallingSpeedMax;var h=n.interval;var p=n.zIndex;var d=n.vSize;var v=n.fadeAway;var m=n.followScroll;w();var g=false;if(e.browser.msie&&parseFloat(e.browser.version)<8)g=true;if(e.browser.msie&&pars eFloat(e.browser.version)<8&&p=="auto")p=0;var y=e("<div />");y.css({width:r+"px",height:1,display:"block",overflow:"visible",position:"absolute", left:"1px",zIndex:p});if(m){y.css("top",e("html").scrollTop()+1+"px")}else{y.css="1px"}e(" body").prepend(y).css({height:"100%"});e("html").css({"overflow-y":"scroll","overflow-x":" hidden"});var b=Array();E(s,false);setInterval(S,h);window.onresize=w;if(m){window.onscroll=function(){ y.css({top:e("html").scrollTop()+"px"})}}return this};e.fn.jSnow.defaults={flakes:30,fallingSpeedMin:1,fallingSpeedMax:3,flakeMaxSize:20, flakeMinSize:10,flakeCode:["•"],flakeColor:["#fff"],zIndex:"auto",interval:50}})(jQuery)












          Smple Link : http://www.mediafire.com/?inv5uuw506109q4



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            vladi013 Level 1

            Thanks for the script.


            In other words EA needs particle system to avoid this coding mess.

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              AMULI Level 4

              Hi vladi013, hi Zaxist,

              In other words EA needs particle system to avoid this coding mess.


              Not at all Edge Animate is a perfect tool to simulate snow fall.


              I used Fireworks to draw five different flakes, which where converted to SVG.




              Each SVG imported in Edge gave birth to a symbol where the location is tweened along a curved path, the flake spinning :




              The five path symbols are instantiated in a snow shower symbol, the play commands for each path being staggered :




              Each path symbol having a different duration, as well as a different delay to the sym.play(0) trigger, any repetition pattern is avoided.


              You can see the result here : http://www.maisondessources.fr



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                Zaxist Level 4

                Good job Gil..


                this is a good way to simulate things in AE, but the problem is this wil work only in the Stage area not the Whole Body !!


                but i think it's good enough to do the job for us



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                  AMULI Level 4

                  Thanks, dear Zaxist


                  I am wondering if it could be generalized : with overflow = visible, and instead of hard-instantiation in the symbol's timeline, instantiation by code of the flake paths objects.