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    error in authorising pc


      I have installed Digital Editions 2.0, and want to sync borrowed library books to my Nook. I get E_AUTH NOT_READY when I try to authorise . Any suggestions?

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          sjpt Level 4

          Just checking how far you have got before it fails.


          1. Have you authorized Digital Editions on the computer with an explicit Adobe ID?  (menu/Help/Authorize Computer)
          2. Have you authroized the Nook?   (menu/Help/Authorize Device to ADE with the device plugged ino USB)
          3. I'm assuming that it is a Nook eReader, not a Nook tablet.  Can you confirm that please?
          4. Have you been able to read the library books ok on ADE?


          Two generic suggestions that might help ...?


          1) ~~~~~

          Sometimes ADE gets its registration/activation confused and in a semi-authorized state.

          Uninstalling and reinstalling does not help.

          Unfortunately, it often then gives misleading error messages about what is wrong.

          A common incorrect message informs you that the ID is already in use on another computer and cannot be reused.



          This can often be resolved by completely removing any authorization using ctrl-shift-D to the Library screen on ADE (cmd-shift-D if on Mac).

          Restart ADE, and then reauthorize with your (old) Adobe ID.



          In extreme cases on the mac, the following extra step has helped some people.  Navigate to /Users//Library/Application Support/Adobe/Digital Editions and drag the activation.dat file to the trash. If you are using 10.7, see Access hidden user library files | Mac OS 10.7 Lion. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1265248?tstart=0



          2) ~~~~~~~~~

          There are lots of bugs in ADE2.0 (and 2.0.1).  Try replacing ADE2.0 with the older but more reliable v1.7.2.

          (You can have them both installed at once if you like.)

          Version 1.7.2, it is a little difficult to find, available on Adobe site for Windows and for Mac.


          The forum software is sometimes corrupting the link above.  There shouldn't be a blank in 'editio ns.html'.  The following redirects to the same page: http://tinyurl.com/diged172

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            cerih Level 1

            Thanks - made progress - different error now!

            But I de-authorised the computer (PC not Mac), then authorised successfully, which enabled me to activate my Nook (reader not tablet).

            I am able to read the book in ADE


            So, full of confidence, I attempted to copy the book to the reader - no permission to copy book.


            Think I'll walk the dog before resumes my battle....


            But your response has enabled progress I feel - thank you

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              sjpt Level 4

              One thing to try is to copy the book to the Nook using file manager (Windows Explorer) rather than ADE.

              You still need ADE to convert the .acsm token file into a downloaded DRM .epub (or .pdf) file,

              but then do the copy outside ADE.

              It is very unlikely the copy itself will fail.

              It may or may not be that you can actually read the book on the Nook after the copy.


              One of the bugs in ADE2.0 is that it does not properly recognize and work with some devices.

              It may be that the Nook is one of those, in which case v1.7.2 may resolve things.



              Good luck.

              The dog is likely to have an excellent time with lots of walks before you get this sorted;

              unless you just get so angry/frustrated you kick the dog instead.