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    Offline clips disappear from sequence

    PixelshotWDC2 Level 1

      I have two computers that I need to use to edit one project (two locations). I move the Premiere Pro CC project files between them but the source files exist in both locations.


      I understand that this might cause clips to go offline because of the differing file paths. However, when I open the sequence in the second computer, the video clips that I edited to the sequence from the first computer do not appear at all - it's just blank. I expect to see a shell clip with a "media offline" message so that I can reconnect them to the new path, but I have no way of doing it because the clips are simply not there.   Yes, I'm comparing this to Final Cut Pro which would have the edits (clips) in place even if the media needs to be relocated. At least that way I know what is there and have a way of reconnecting those clips.


      Please help! Thanks.


      I'm using Premiere CC on a mac.