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    WinHelp to HTML Help - missed topics

      I'm creating HTML Help projects using RoboHTML version X5.0.2 by importing a WinHelp project created in RoboHelp for Word version X5.0.1 - Microsoft Word 2000, Windows XP operating system (either via the HLP or HPJ file).

      After the process is complete, certain topics are not coming over. I thought perhaps it was due to long tables, but some topics with long tables came over. So, I'm not sure why these particular topics are being missed. I checked to see if there's anything unique about these topics (such as unnecessary non-scrolling regions, etc.) but nothing is different.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi ellenu. It's been awhile since I've imported any winhelp files but I don't recollect any problems of the type you mention. Certainlt topics with large tables should not themselves be a problem. Did the winhelp TOC reference any external winhelp topic or reference macros? If so, these are not supported ny HTML Help.
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            ellenu Level 1
            Hello Colum,

            Actually, the topics that link to external topics came over fine. It was topics that included a lot of graphics and long tables that got missed. So, this must be a bug in RoboHTML?
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              deanad Level 1

              I am having the exact same issue, I'm also in the process of creating HTML Help projects by importing a WinHelp project. When I import my .HPJ (Winhelp project file) into RoboHelp for Word all of the topics get loaded, and I am able to successfully re-compile using any of the WinHelp layouts, all of the topics are included. However, if I choose the Microsoft HTML Help layout only the first 19 topics get converted to HTML.

              Also, If I try to import the .HPJ (Winhelp project file) into RoboHelp HTML, the same problem occurs. The first 19 topics are loaded and the rest go missing! I have even tried deleting what would be topic 20, to see if it was an issue with that topic. No go....

              I would be most appreciative if anyone has any insight into this issue.

              Windows XP
              WinHelp compiled using HCW.EXE version 4.03.0002
              RoboHTML version X5.0.2 Build 801
              RoboHelp for Word version X5.0.1 Build 606
              Microsoft Word 2002


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                deanad Level 1
                I think I may have resolved the issue. I decided to look closer at the first topic that was not getting converted. I now see there was an errant browse symbol (+) within the text of the topic. I removed it and suddenly that topic was included in the output. However that only got me so far. It was now stopping on another topic, but this time there was no errant browse symbol. It did contain a table however. I decided to remove the text from the table then delete the table. Voila...everything is is now hunky doory. All of my topics are getting included in the MS HTML Help .CHM file.

                Hope this helps someone else,
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                  There's a little bell ringing that maybe nested tables can cause a problem.

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                    deanad Level 1
                    Thanks Peter. That does seem to be the issue. In addition it didn't seem to like the errant browse sequences, in some of my WinHelp topics.