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    Using My own Domain



      I gave up trying to upload my Muse website through FTP. Even bought a template still no joy. So I have gone live with 2 sites on BC. Sites up all looking and working,mobile version finally appeared,better than the "not found" I had become used to.

      So redirect from my sites all okay works fine.

      Instead of being sorted and smiling, what happens another problem.

      If I search on google for my business, What i get is the hosts information. It looks as if there is no site there, worse still its in another language.

      Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 15.41.44.png

      So not a good look for potential customers.

      So how do I fix this,looked and cant find an answer.

      I thought of uploading a single landing page to my domain with all the page properties info filed in so it would show up instead of Fran One.

      However I am afraid that "lets try this" might make things worse, I dont know what implications this could have since I turned off stuff in my DNS.

      Advice Please