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    flash player failure to install


                I am having trouble downloading and installing the latest version of adobe flash player onto my laptop that contains internet explorer 10 and windows 7...I keep getting an error message to close internet explorer and I do this (along with some other suspected programs) courtesy of the task manager. I appear to be getting the job done but when I look for the flash player , it's not there...HELP!!.... FXK.      I also followed the advice of downloading and installing the Active X from the mentioned website and I followed instructions accordingly. The installation appeared to be completed but it's still not on my computer. HELP!!         When I say it's "still not on my computer" I mean to say that there is no sign of it anywhere on the hard drive (no icons, no words, nothing) And when I go to a site that requires use of Adobe Flash player I'm told to download it and install it. I already did that.                                                                                                                                  Frank 

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          Mike M Level 6

          You WON'T see Flash Player in programs, or documents, or anywhere because it's a "plugin" for IE (or Firefox) and NOT a program.


          Download the Adobe Flash Player installer directly by right clicking the following link: Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer) and selecting "Save target as".

          Save it to your Downloads folder - DO NOT run it yet.

          Reboot your system.

          BEFORE opening anything else, go to your Downloads folder and run the installer.


          If IE still gives you trouble, see: Enabling Flash Player in Internet Explorer  and ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer  to be sure it's enabled and ActiveX isn't blocking content.

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            frank13 Level 1

                 At last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                 After 3 days of sitting in front of this computer and feeling sorry for myself I was finally able to access websites that were dependent on the latest version of flash player. I suceeded in downloading and installing flashplayer onto version 10 of my internet explorer. But the final bit of business was the matter of unchecking that Active X that was in the internet explorer.so that it would stop blocking content.

                 Now everything is fine and I hope it stays that way.