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    Bridge CC / How to use all cores to generate preview images?

    Barteg Level 1



      Is there anyway to tell Brdige, that it should use all my cores to generate the preview images?


      Actually it uses only 25% of my CPU performance. I've a Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3,4 GHZ, with four cores and enabled hyperthreading, also eight virtual CPUs.


      At least it could be FOUR times faster, if it would use all available cores, but so I get one preview per second (12 MP RAWs). So I've to wait in case of 1.000 RAWs round about 15 minutes. If would use all CPUs, which are available, it could increase speed up to 4 minutes. More then 10 minutes saved.


      As there any chance, or does Adobe have no interest, like it has no interest to speed up LightRoom?


      If there is any chance, I would be very pleased.