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    I am having problems adding books on new IMac

    James Greystone

      I installed ADE on a PC running windows 7 and it works fine.


      I installed ADE on a new Mac and when I try and add a book that I downloaded into the library from within ADE, it shows me the books I have downloaded however they are Greyed out and I can not select any of them?


      The only way I am able to import the books is from outside of ADE. I have to navigate to the downloads folder, find the book and click on it. It then imports the book into ADE.


      On the Mac I just want to be able to read it on the computer, and NOT transfer it to a reader. I am setting this up for a Senior.


      This makes no sense as it should work as easily as on the PC?


      Can someone perhaps chime in on this, as I am not as familiar with MAC as I am with PC's and wonder if I have missed something.