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    FormsCentral product roadmap


      I am in a 30 day trial period for FormsCentral and for the most part, I like what I'm seeing and see real value in the hosted service.  However, in order to commit to the product, I need to know where it is going.  I really have two purposes for my research: 1) as a member of a small HOA organization with fewer than a dozen forms that need to be circulated among a few people for approvals; and 2) as an IT Director in a large public sector organization with over 1000 users, 100 forms, and several dozen approvers.  In both situations, there are two key elements to a forms engine--workflow and electronic/digital signatures.  Workflow means that the forms need to pass through several different email boxes with entries possible from each.  Digital signatures does not necessarily mean signatures in the legal context, but authentication in the form that current Adobe PDF forms allow that just identifies the logged in username, IP address, date and timestamp.


      Is FormsCentral moving toward either of these features in the reasonably near future?  At the enterprise level, we would also need to be able to render the form (not just the data) into an electronic (PDF) record that could be preserved for audit trail as well.  Is FormsCentral targeting the enterpise market, or just the SMB market?

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          I have similar needs for our organization. Enabling individuals to create forms, have them reviewed for approval by a central team, and enabling form owners to access the responses directly are what we are looking for.

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            Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

            FormsCentral does not publish a product road map and I really can't share information about upcoming features. 


            For the "workflow" need you may be able to accomplish this using the new "Save Web Form" feature.  It is not designed for this purpose, but if you gave proper instruction in the form and could rely on the users to do the right thing users could route the form through a series of fillers by entering the next users email in the "Save" dialog to have the partially filled out form emailed to them.

            Here is an overview of the feature: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-4135


            Related to the "we would also need to be able to render the form (not just the data) into an electronic (PDF) record that could be preserved" you can save any response as a PDF form from the "View Responses" tab by selecting the response and using the "Download Response as PDF Form" option from the row menu or the File menu.




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