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    Can anyone tell me why I'm getting this?

    Nohjekim Level 1

      Hi Guys


      I'm working on another Lucy video, and in the titles where the Lucy script turns blue the color is very uneven.

      I've tried changing the color to see if it is somehow caused by the fact that the color is blue, but it doesn't make any difference.


      I also had this problem on another video that I just finished redoing "Lucy Looks at Sailing", but since the Lucy script was displayed against a water background I could live with it as part of the technique.

      I was not getting this last week when I was doing the Looks at the West and Mortality videos.


      Here are screen shots then and now.


      Lucy Blue Even.JPG


      And this is what I'm getting now...


      Lucy Blue Uneven.JPG


      I'm using the same file for the Lucy in blue, it is a still image that is faded in at the end of the Lucy script animation to change the color of the type from white to blue.

      It is a Photoshop file with no background.


      I'm just about to give up and leave the type white, but I thought I's see if you guys have any ideas.


      I can see in the preview windows in PE that the color is uneven, it's not just after I output the file.

      This is also happening in the blue "MK" frames that appear above the "a michael kingsbury film" type.


      As far as I know I'm not doing anything different then I did when I made the earlier videos.


      The difference in color that you see, is because I've been messing around with the color, trying to fix this, and haven't gotten it correct in this iteration.

      If I can get it to work, I'll correct that.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          I do not have an explanation for what we are seeing, but it looks almost like there is a Sheen Style applied to that blue Fill.


          If you like, you can e-mail me, and attach your .PSD. I can handle large attachments. If you do this, please leave all Layers intact, and in the Subject Line Header of the e-mail, include "Premiere Elements Title," so that MailWasher does not trash it. My e-mail is info AT huntphoto DOT com - obviously, AT = @ and DOT = . and all spaces would be removed.


          I will look at the PSD, to see if I can see anything in it, that might cause the issue.


          Also, can you list the exact steps that you are using, to go from white to the blue in the "Lucy" Text?


          Good luck,



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            Just a guess, but have you looked in detail at the keyframes at the point of the fade. Could you have missed adding a manual keyframe of the Opacity in order to make the fade sharper rather than giving a trail?



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              Nohjekim Level 1



              I think I get what you are saying, I'll look at that, and see if maybe the transparency isn't set to 100% too.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Thank you for that PSD. I just Imported that directly into a test Project, then Keyframed Opacity, to provide a manually-controlled Fade-In/Fade-Out, and saw none of what you are seeing. In the case of my test, I just went from 0% Opacity to 100% Opacity, and then down to 0%. Nothing wrong.


                In the PSD, I did see three pixels, in a horizontal line at about the bottom of the descender on the Y, in "Lucy," that you might want to clean up, but they would, in no way, contribute to what you are seeing. For the Image below, I added a Solid Color Layer (black), to see those three pixels:




                I am leaning toward ATR's comment, on the Opacity of your PSD, in the Video.


                Good luck,



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                  Nohjekim Level 1

                  Hi Guys


                  Thanks for the response.


                  I did clean up the pixels in the Lucy still frame and I did solve the problem following up on your comments.


                  I'm not sure I really understand what I'm changing but it worked.


                  Here's a screen shot of the editing window where the white Lucy turns to blue.


                  PR 10 Screen 01.JPG


                  Over on the right in the "Shadow/Highlight" window there is an option for "Blend with original".

                  When I moved this from 0 to 100% the Lucy script became solid and smooth.


                  I went back and did the same thing for the "MK" in the begriming of the title and it worked there too.

                  I can't tell you that I have any real idea of when I'm doing (my usual state) but it did work.


                  I wouldn't have found it without you pointing me in the right direction.

                  I also finally understand what a key frame does in PE.


                  It's not the same as key frames  in my animation software, where each key frame depending on type, determines what happens in the following frames.

                  Whether the movement is linier or splined, or constant.


                  Poser animation window.JPG


                  Each dot shows the position of some element in the animation, it can just be one eyelid or the whole head, neck, etc.


                  I never really got it in PE, and I didn't figure out how do put one of those dots on the opacity or volume line in the time line so I can change it where I wanted.

                  I used fade in or fade out and then moved the dots to where I wanted them.


                  Another new skill. LOL


                  The video is almost done now that, that is fixed.

                  I'll post it here in the next couple of days.


                  I did spend some time last night trying to combine a figure created in Poser with a 3D stereo video background, putting the left and right background images together with  the left right images from The Secret World captured in stereo with Fraps.


                  If did work and I'm going to have some questions about that once I've messed with it a little more.


                  The problem is that Fraps captures the left and right image on the same frame side by side,  3840 by 1080.

                  That wouldn't be a problem with a still image, I'd just cut them apart, but with video getting half the frame registered with the corresponding video from Poser is not easy.


                  But I did get it to work up to a point, I did get a stereo video that looked correct, but you could see that the background frames left and right, were a little out of register with one another so they looked a little blurry.


                  Anyway, Thanks again for the help.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Glad that things are looking good with that Title.


                    I do not envy you the work with the game backgrounds and FRAPS, but then I envy you your knowledge of making that work too!


                    We look forward to seeing the latest exploits of our favorite philosopher, Lucy.


                    Good luck and happy editing,



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                      Nohjekim Level 1



                      Here is the latest Lucy video completed.


                      By the way all the jewelry that Lucy wears is made by my wife, who has been a potter and jewelry maker for 50 years.

                      I photograph it and make a prop out of it in Poser, then attach it to the character.




                      Thanks again for all the help.



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Thanks for the Lucy episode.


                        I missed the credit - "Lucy's jewelry by... "



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                          Nohjekim Level 1



                          Great idea, I'll do it on the next one, it will keep my wife happy.


                          I'm right in the middle of upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

                          It's about 30% of the way through the download process.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Good luck on the upgrade.


                            So far, I have only read good things about Win8.1, but then, it is new. Time will tell.