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    Cannot overwrite PDF when exporting to Acrobat from InDesign CS6

    carolgunn Level 1

      When exporting to Acrobat Pro X from InDesign CS6, there are times when I want to overwrite an exising file but I get an error msg that the file is in use (it is not--this even happens when I have closed the file and quit Acrobat) or i don't have permission. In the Info panel at the Finder, i see that "myusername (ME)" does have permission to read and write this file. As a test, I also changed the permissions for Admin and Everyone to Read & Write, but that did not help. I've checked Preferences in both InDesign and Acrobat Pro anc can't find a relevant setting.


      To save the file with the same filename as the pre-exisitng PDF, I have to close the pre-exisitng PDF and move it to the trash.


      I have no problem overwriting a PDF document from Acrobat. This only happens when I am exporting from ID.


      I am on a Mac running the latest version of OSX.


      Any ideas?



      Carol Gunn