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    Audio Editing 101

    Lone Lobo

      I know this is an absolutely nube question, but I prostrate myself as such before the collected wisdom of the forum.

      Running CS6 and have laid down 60 or 70 narration clips to form a skeleton for my timeline.

      I am trying to add space between these clips without having to select ALL the down line clips as I edit smaller sections.


      I have the same issue trying to ripple video clips on the timeline when there is nothing in between them but timeline.

      With video I can cover the empty timeline area with video black and push them down the line using the appropriate trim tool.


      But video black as produced by Premiere doesn't have an audio component that I can use to "fill" the timeline gaps and trim away.


      What am I missing here?  Surely there is an easy way to "push" audio down the line and ripple all subsequent audio clips to maintain their relationshiop to each other?


      Again, I apologize for such a basic question, but I can't seem to find a solution.