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    Encoding hangs when macbook display "sleeps."

    dv416 Level 1

      The last few nights, I have set up long overnight encodes. It starts off just fine, so long as I'm still on the computer, but then as soon as I return in the AM, the display is slow to "wake up," the encode is frozen at 4% or so (just one or two percentage points from where it left off when I left the computer last night), and then on top of that, premiere and the rest of the computer are totally unresponsive. You have to do a hard restart on the computer.


      My computer is set to "never" go to sleep and spin down disks. Never. The display is set to go to sleep after 10 minutes. This is probably the culprit, since the render really doesn't make it far at all by morning.


      Is there a fix for this? Really annoying. I don't want to leave my display on overnight and risk burning in pixels or artifacts. (does that even happen?)