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    "Place video from URL" not working in InDesign CC 9.1


      Has anyone come across why an H.264 encoded mp4 file won't embed into InDesign CC, but will in CS6? Last week I upgraded from Indesign 9.0 (where it was working) to Indesign 9.1 (where it no longer works). Specifically, I'm using the "Place video from URL" option.


      * I've tried several different servers to host the mp4 file (the servers do work). The mp4 URLs on each server do work in a browser, but not in Indesign CC.

      * I've tried placing the mp4 URL in CS6 and that works fine.

      * I've tried a coworker's Indesign CC, that didn't work.

      * I've tried making a brand new file in Indesign CC, that didn't work.


      I'm running InDesign 9.1 on Mac OS 10.8.5. It looks like Indesign 9.1 broke the "Place video from URL" Does anybody have a fix?