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    Loading Photoshop 6.


      I Currently have Adbe Photoshop 6 (Upgrade) on my desktop computer.  I have only loaded this software on one occasion, so I should have one further installation in respect of this software.  The question is.:- I now have a further  computer in the form of a laptop. Will I be able to install the above software onto this computer?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If you mean CS6 and have the installation media (its downloadable) for the laptop's platform Mac or PC you can install it. If you have only activated it on one PC you should also be able to activate Photoshop when installed. You will need the serial of  what the upgrade is to which you can get from Adobe web site. Login with you user id and password. Go to my account then My products and click on the product your upgrade is for to get its serial.  Machines need to be PC or Mac cam not be mixed your cs6 is licence for one or the other platform.

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            Smudger Level 1

            Many thanks for your help.  As per your instructions I have now loaded CS6 onto my laptop.