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    nikon .mov footage still an issue after all this time in CS5.5?  Really?


      I have a feature film about 50% finished with editing.  I'm importing project file from a co-editor to work on other things.  The problem is that the footage was shot with a mixture of d7000 and d5100 and d5200 cameras.  As we all know the .mov files are choppy and horrid.  I remember reading about this issue YEARS AGO.  The workaround to rename to .mpg is useless for me.  The original editor did not know about the workaround and just muscled through the bad performance due to deadlines.The files are not simple to relocate after changing the file extensions.  The original files were all named 0001.mov 0002.mov etc because each day the files started at 0001.mov and 0002.mov so there are 30x of each file name, unfortunately.  Premiere does not show which directory the missing file originally came from... another issue that should be addressed.  If the dialog said "where is file 0001.mov originally in D:/footage/day_1 ... then I would know WHICH 0001.mov it's currently looking for. So, renaming isn't a possibility in this case.  It's now been 2+ years of "we're working on a fix" and franky some edgy answers each time someone asks for an update.  Still nothing!  2 years??  CS5.5 is unusable on this footage and exports take forever because of the QT implementation.  I ask... again... is this ever getting fixed?  The workaround isn't good in every situation.  Any other "Workarounds" for my case?  UGH!


      Does this effect ALL Nikon DSLR footage?  They are all choppy in preview window.  3 different camera models.  They play fine EVERYWHERE else.


      Dual Xeon quad w3530

      24Gb RAM

      GTX 660ti

      128Gb SSD

      2Tb footage drive 7200rpm SATA

      1Tb Media Cache drive SATA

      2Tb export drive eSATA


      No issue with any other footage.  Just this one project with the infamous nikon .mov files.  Never thought this issue would creep into my workflow and be an issue.  Fix ever happen?