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    Adaptive wide angle filter error for iPhone 4s in PS CC

    bikebone Level 1



      I have just watched a tutorial on Adobe TV regarding the new adaptive wide angle filter used on pre-stitched panoramas. I open an iPhone pano image. go to filter–>adaptive wide angle filter and in the lower left corner I find – as indicated as being requested to function properly the tut – the name of the camera, the lens and the f-stop with wich the image was taken. The filter does still not draw the automatic line on the corved part of the building I try to improve. Going to correction –> automatic in the upper right corner I get an error message that no matching profile for the iPhone's camera's lens could be found.


      Why that when it is clerly indicated as being 4.28 mm etc already? The iPhone 4S has been here for quite a while and is widely used, so why the error?


      Thanks for any hint!