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    Drop-down text not working in Chrome 30.0.1599.69


      I have a help file that was working correctly in Chrome previous to the current release. With the new release, besides the refresh loop problem I've seen reported in this forum, we're having the following issues with the compiled webhelp:


      • Drop-down text that we have not modified since the last release doesn't open with the new version of Chrome
      • Drop-down text that we have modified since the last release doesn't appear as drop-down text. It appears as normal text without the drop-down style and action


      Regarding the refresh loop issue:

      When we compile the file and try to view it locally, we see the refresh loop problem already reported, however, when we view the help file when it is called by our app, we don't see the refresh loop problem.


      Of course, we have a deadline this week so any help would be greatly appreciated.