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    (repost)How to apply 'mark in' and 'mark out' properties to clips in mass?

    AngusKirk Level 1

      See, there is 500+ clips that I go, one by one, applying 'mark in' and 'mark out' parameters to make them last roughly 3 seconds. Only 10% of these numbers need more treatment than that, so it would take a lot less time to un-cut these clips than to cut them all. It would be fine to apply them from start point to 3s, and I would roll the window to most relevant places as I wish.


      Countless times, I would double-click an asset on the project panel, go for the source panel, press spacebar to start the clip, press I to add mark-in, press O to add mark-out, roll the window a little or adjust it to 3 seconds, press comma to add it to the timeline, just to repeat it, over and over and over and over again. I feel like I'm f%&#ng Sysyphus.


      It would surely reduce my so-underpaid worktime 60% or more if I struggle to. My fingers are crossed for a positive on this one.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          The only thing I can think of is to slap them all into the timeline, piling them up on track after track after track. Then position the CTI at 3 seconds and cut. Then delete everything after the 3 second mark.


          Unfortunately you can't put them back in the bins that way. But if they had unique names it might not be a problem.


          Or, put each one in the Source monitor, hit "+300" to move the CTI to the 3 second mark, then just hit "O" since the in point is assumed.


          But no, there is no automatic way to set each to a three second duration.

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            AngusKirk Level 1

            That's an ingenuous solution. I can slide them to more relevant positions on the clip. The important part is to make all clips last 3s so I can roll this time window for relevant positions.


            Well, they do have unique names. Like 00001.mts, 0002.mts, and I put prefixes like cam1 (resulting in cam10001.mts). The point is, the clips would only hold that properties moving from sequence to sequence, not back for the projects panel (i believe). And it really doesn't matter because I cut them and paste into their blocks sequences, like 'decor', or 'ceremony', or 'party'.