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    Keyframe Warp Stabilizer

    John R Lee Level 1

      I'm going to end up doing this the hard way, but I thought I'd ask to see if a workaround exists--I haven't found one anywhere online.


      I am stabilizing a jib shot for a series I'm working on--the move on the jib is fluid and perfect, there is just a little bit of sway at the end of each move.  There is one of these shots, roughly the same but slightly different for each episode.  What I need to do is stabilize only the part of the clip that sways--that is, put no stabilization on the actual move itself.  Using autoscale or crop invariably makes the image pop out of place when the stabilize effect is applied to the swaying part of the clip.


      Is there a way to keyframe the stabilizer on and off, so that I can leave it off and have it fade on over 10 or 12 frames when I need it? 


      Right now the only solution I have is to split the track and stabilize just the unwanted sway, and then crossfade the nonstabilized shot while scaling/rotating to match the position of the stabilized clip.


      Actually--if there were any way to simply paste the scale and warp parameters from the first frame of the stabilized clip to the whole of the unstabilized clip, that would work for me.


      Thanks for any advice.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Splitting the clip is the way to go. You'll learn quickly that you don't want to waste time processing anything you are not going to use. For example I taught a class a year ago where one of the student rotoscoped 40 seconds of a shot. It took him more than 3 hours to carefully cut out the entire actor when he only needed about 30 frames of the left side of the actors body to pull off the effect.

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            John, i've been in the same boat a few times. It is a good feature request. By the way, i'm a newbie from FCP and Motion and i'm BLOWN AWAY by the speed and quality of the warp stabilizer here! I just tried a sample with "No Motion". It looks like it was shot on a tripod! Good job, Adobe family!