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    Renaming Nikon 5D files

    shooternz Level 6

      Can some one confirm that renaming Nikon 5D files from .mov to .mpg extensions is the way for a better workflow (editing experience?).


      I assume it bypasses the 32 bit QT "process"..  Correct?


      mpg or mpeg?


      I have 20 GB of this footage to edit in a mixed footage sequence(AVCHD) ....so want to get i sorted before I start.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Its mpg.

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            I just tried that yesterday as a test ....cause I heard so much about it...and the test was with pig using nikon d800 mov h264...


            what I got ( using cs6 latest version )... was a sound file only ....which took a long time to conform when I dropped the file into timeline..took about 10 secs.


            normally I drop a mov file onto timeline it does not even take time to conform.. its like immediate...


            in my case I just got a sound file into timeline and no video at all


            I have win 7 and my personal experience was that renaming mov to mpg was stupid and didnt work ( from nikon d800 mov h264 from card ).


            go figure...


            I do NOT have QT pro installed.. only latest QT player. I do have pro but haven't registered that as pro version on pig.

            I also checked and dont have QT server running in the processes of win 7... no QTServer whatever .... but do have the player installed.




            you mean canon 5d. might be different than my nikon

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              OMG.. SHOOTER... SORRY...

              I just realized the mov file I renamed mighta been from the ninja instead of the SD card.. mighta been avid codec instead of the h264....


              It was 8 gig .. so I think it mighta been avid codec that I renamed... sorry....you want me to do test from both card and ninja ? will do if you want...


              I dont have the process qt thing on the pig..

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                shooternz Level 6

                CORRECTION -thanx Rod


                Canon 5D MK3 footage



                I will do a test later.

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                  yeah, I just fired up pig and that file I changed to mpg from mov was the avid codec... sorry....


                  that didnt work. just got sound outta that...was wanky