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    LrView.osFactory:picture very slow

    victorvodka Level 1

      In using the LrView.osFactory to render pictures whose value is bound to a value in a table, I'm finding the rendering is very slow.  I wanted to have a strip of 20 photos in my plugin, but changing the path of all those photos takes about five seconds, so clearly I can't have a navigation system that pages up and down through that strip.  No user would stand for it. 


      It's not like my computer is an old G3 either -- it's got a Core 2 Quad as its processor and 8 gigs of RAM.


      Does anyone have any ideas for making this faster? Or is having a photo strip in my plugin stupid, since I can rely on Lightroom to provide image navigation (it's something the client wants and if it's going to be this slow, then that's a good reason to not bother with it)