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    Premiere Crashes Upon Opening Project

    Emoral7 Level 1

      Note: I'm using the newest version of Premiere Pro CC on a (maxed out) Retina Macbook Pro 2012.


      This just started happening. When I open a project, Premiere crashes and gives me the below pop up, blocking me from doing anything within the project. It just keeps happening every time I open the project file, even if I make a copy of the original.


      I uninstalled Premiere and installed it again - without the latest update - and it worked fine. But I want this to work with the latest update because I'm not paying a subscription to have the ability to update taken away.


      Note that I also experienced this pop up recently when playing back MTS files within Premiere in the same project file. I used the built-in Media Explorer and it worked. Dragging and dropping the files from Finder to Premiere was causing it to act up. Not sure why this happens b/c D&D worked in previous versions.


      Here's the error:


      Premiere CC Latest Update Error.jpg