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    Moving Photoshop files to InDesign

    Shades of Violet

      Is there a way to bring a Photoshop file to InDesign and keep all the layers separate?  Better yet... include the effects?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you choose File > Place and you check Show Import Options, in the Layers tab of Import Options, you can choose to turn layers on or off. If you have created Layer Comps in Photoshop, you can choose a particular Layer Comp.


          After you have placed a Photoshop file, you can still choose Object > Object Layers Options to make the same choices.


          Effects created in Photoshop on particular layers are viewable in InDesign, but you can't edit them.

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            But do transparency effects, such s Multiply Blending Mode carry over to the InDesign doc? It doesn't, right?

            Am I correct that if, in a layered psd, you have a transparent bacground and you have  transparency effects like Multiply on one/some of the layers then if you place the psd in InDesign, the multiply will NOT work over elements in InDesign beneath the placed graphic?... Or is there a way to make that work?

            Lets say you have 2 layers in the psd: a silhoutted item on the top layer with no transparency (Blending Mode--Normal), and a second layer with a drop shadow that has a Multiply layer effect (Blend Mode--Multiply). Beneath both layers you have Photoshop's  checkerboard transparent background. ...Ideally, if you placed this psd in InDesign,  you would want the drop shadow layer with Multiply to multiply over any elements in InDesign over which it is placed.

            But the multiply will not work that way.

            The only workaround would be to save the dropshadow layer as a separate psd, place it in InDesign, and give it a Multiply effect in InDesign, right?

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              You can import any layer as seperate layer into InDesign. There you can change the blending mode.

              When it comes to layer effects either you can create seperate layers in Photoshop, or what I have often done, I turned them off in Photoshop and applied Photoshop effects in InDesign to get a maximum of flexibility.

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                Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Yes blending modes in Photoshop only interact with elements with layers beneath it. And is isolated to Photoshop.


                If you bring it into InDesign and wish to use a Blending Mode you can do so with Window>Effects and apply the Blending mode.


                This in turns interact with everything below the object.