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    Wierd JSFL bug found in CS6


      So I've been struggling with this wierd bug.  Basically we have this JSFL script that we use to tag our assets in our FLAs (like, this is a "chair" or a "door", etc...).  We decided to move the metadata from stage instances (which use the Element.setPersistentData() method) to the library items themselves (which use the Item.addData() method).  This works under certain circumstances, but I'd like to share the wierdness to see if anyone else has experienced this.


      When you open an FLA and start tagging, everything works while you still have it open.  You can re-add metadata using the libraryItem.addData("tag", "string", "chair") function, remove it, and all that fancy stuff.  However, once you close the file and reopen it, any changes you made are now lost.


      The wierd bug I found is that this only happens if you save the file normally, or if you use "Save As..." under the CS6 format.  If I save as a CS5.5 document, the metadata I'm using will persist when I open/close the FLA.  The other wierd thing is that the CS6 file can in fact save the persistent data, it just doesn't save your latest changes (basically if you save CS5.5, then immediately save again with CS6 it works because you saved it as a different format at least once).


      Has anyone experienced this before or has any solutions that I should try?  I'm testing this on other machines to see if it's only my computer that has this issue, but if anyone has any ideas I'd be happy to hear them.  I'm currently using Adobe Flash Professional CS6 v12.0.2.529 to write these scripts.