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    Where is the captured DV file (.mov) if Premiere Pro crashes after having recorded video for a while




      I'm using PP to capture analog video from VHS tapes. Sometimes PP crashes and I have to shut it down after having recorded/captured video for a while, maybe for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. This does not allow me to press the stop recording/capturing button which ads the already recorded file as a project file and, more imprtantly, which allows the recorded file to show up in the capture location folder specified under setting. When I am able to press the stop recording (Record) button, the captured file is immediately shown in the project folder in PP and can be found in the capture location folder. It happens in a fraction of a second. So it can't be that it is created after recording. But if PP inadvertently crashes the captured video prior to the crash is nowhere to be found. As if I didn't record anything. I understand that I have to press the stop redoring button but when PP crashes I can't. But the file has to be somewhere. Sometimes I capture video from a VHS tape for 30 minutes or so and then PP crashes and I can't find the file. Can anyone help?