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    Weekly Time Sheet Form

    Keith Hamada



      I am looking for a weekly time sheet form for employees to enter their daily activities and time spent. 


      I created one and uploaded to FormCentral but the data that was returned was a flat file and very difficult to work with.  I need a form with around 12 line items where each line item is independent from the rest and will result in it's own line item on the response report.


      The form will include the following fields:

      1. Employee (dropdown list)
      2. Date
      3. Project (dropdown list)
      4. Activity  (dropdown list)
      5. Notes (Multiple line text field)
      6. Technician On-Site (check box)
      7. Time In
      8. Time Out
      9. Total Time Spent (calculation of Time Out minus Time In)


      Thank you in advance if you can assist.