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    How can one see what's stored in a selectedItem when using data grid?

      Hi, how can one see what's stored in the selectedItem when one clicks on an item in a data grid? I have several items that don't get displayed in the edit panel when an item is selected. I'm using the following syntax:

      <mx:FormItem label="Update Directory" required="true">
      <mx:TextInput width="220" id="update_dir" text="{episodes_dg.selectedItem.update_dir}" />

      <mx:FormItem label="Preview Image" required="true">
      <mx:TextInput width="220" id="image_tn_archive" text="{episodes_dg.selectedItem.image_tn_archive}" />

      The XML that's returned to the data grid has the following elements:

      <image-tn-archive>some image name</image-tn-archive>
      <update-dir>some directory name</update-dir>

      At this time, I cannot access these form fields because they have minus sign in their names.