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    Why does Premiere Elements 11 continually "conform" my audio?


      I have a Hauppauge TV tuner in my computer that allows me to record TV shows off air.  I have not had a problem with creating projects using shows recorded from cable, but when I attempt to use a show recorded from an antenna, the video clips in continuous "conforming audio" mode.  The Hauppauge software writes the output file as a .ts file.  Gspot gives no information on the audio codec used.  However, the software includes an mpeg transcoder.  Gspot reports a six-channel AC3 audio track.  When I add either the .ts or .mpg file to the project, audio plays just fine, although the "conforming" progress bar is displayed as soon as I attempt to playback the clip.  Playback is normal until I stop playback and restart, then no audio.  I can still see the audio tracks with varying amplitude, just no sound.  After the progress bar hits 100% and disappears, I can play the clip with audio, but as soon as I do, the "conforming audio" progress bar reappears and the same thing happens all over again.  I have confirmed that the cache folder is updated.  When I retry the import, I delete the cache files before importing the clip.  The same behavior occurs if I rename the .ts file with .mts or .m2ts.  I don't understand the conforming thing, because everything I've read on it says it is only done once.  This only happens on recordings with the antenna as the signal source.  Can anyone explain what is happening, or steps I can use to troubleshoot the problem?