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    Narration/Video synchronize

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      I have imported a video recorded on my c920 logitech webcam.The video and narration plays perfectly everywhere except on my Adobe Premier Elements 10 video editing program.The narration and video are out of sync.Is there anything I can do to correct this?My computer has Windows 7 premium system.Thank you

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          First what are the properties of this webcam video that you are importing into Premiere Elements 10 Windows 7 (assumed for now 64 bit)?

          Video and audio compression, frame size, frame rate, file extension, pixel aspect ratio, progressive or interlaced video?


          What are you setting as the project preset in the new project dialog?


          How are you importing the video into the project?


          When you have your video/audio on the Timeline, is there a colored line over its content - no colored line - red - green? When you have this out of sync audio playback of the Timeline in the Edit Mode monitor, do you have rendered or unrendered Timeline content?


          Please reply and then we can decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            buffalobluff Level 1

            Thank you for your reply .I have a 64 bit system.There is no colored line above the video/audio in the timeline.To inport I click GET MEDIA and open the video from a folder in Videos.I have tried rendering but it did not help.I do not know how to answer the other questions.Thank you again.   George

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              Thanks for the follow up. Let us see if we can work together to put together the details on this that might lead to a solution to the problem.


              I checked the video specifications for the c920 Logitech. It looks like you could be recording either

              Full1080p (that would be 1920 x 1080) probably at 30 frames per second


              HD 720 (that would be 1280 x 720) probably at 30 frames per second

              Could you check the Logitech settings to determine which one it is?


              Which one of those do you have?


              When you open the Premiere Elements 10 new project, what are you setting in the new project dialog that opens? Or, are you just clicking OK, accepting what is there, and then moving on to the Premiere Elements 10 Edit workspace?


              Let us see what information we can put together on the above.





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                buffalobluff Level 1

                Hello Mr.Romano:The resolution setting is 1080p.The project settings are    DSLR-1080P-DSLR1080P30@29.97 Thank you for your help.

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                  Your Premiere Elements 10 project preset seems to be good. That made me go back to see the other details that you presented earlier in the thread.


                  I may have taken something for granted. So, let me ask.


                  When you refer to the narration being out of sync with the video, I assumed that you meant that this narration (talking) was part of the c920 1080p30 video file.


                  Now I wonder. Are you saying that,

                  on video track 1 you have the c920


                  on the Narration track you have a narration file


                  that you want to get that narration file in sync with the video that you have on Video Track 1?


                  Also, what is the file extension of your video file (and narration file if there are two separate files involved).


                  If none of the above applies to the situation, what we may try

                  a. unlink the video from the audio (if they are one file), and then nudge the audio to be in sync with the video

                  (select your audio file, hold down the Alt key, one tap of the left or right arrow key for 1 frame nudge or hold down the Shift+Alt, one tap of the left or right arrow key for a 5 frame nudge).





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                    buffalobluff Level 1

                    Hello MR. Romano:Thank you for your patience.After I bring my video into Premier 10 I activate the timeline and then left click and drag my video onto the timeline.The video and audio are together.The video and audio play correctly for about one minute and then they start to separate.The video is 32 minutes long.I jumped ahead 10 or 15 minutes to check the match and discovered it was getting progressively worse.Should I scrap my webcam recording and try to use my Canon Hi8 camcorder?

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Before you try another camera for your video recordings...


                      a. Look at the project preset





                      DSLR 1080p30, not the one DSLR 1080p30 @ 29.97 as you have been using.

                      See if that has any impact on the out of sync audio


                      b. Did you say what the file extension is for this c920 video? Do you have Windows Live Movie Maker? Can you get Windows Live Movie Maker to import this video and can you export the video from there. Then look at the before and after Windows Live Movie  to determine if the after no longer has out of sync audio in Premiere Elements.


                      Depending on further developments, the answer may be in using a conversion product in Premiere Elements, but let us see.





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                        buffalobluff Level 1

                        Hello MR. Romano:The weird thing about this is I have made other shorter videos with this same set up and they were no problem.I have Windows Live Movie Maker and I loaded this video into it yesterday just to see what it would do.It worked just fine.I saved the video into the a Movie Maker folder.I then opened a new project in Premier Elements 10 and tried to bring the video from Movie Maker but Premier would not accept it.I got a message saying it was not compatible.I want to use Premier because it has the ability to let me use a green screen and insert different backgrounds.Thank you for your attention.  PS I do not know how to identify the File Extension.   George

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                          Hello again:I tried the DSLR 1080p30 setting and it did not work.The Premier program prompted me to change it but I clicked no to try it.I wonder if my Premier program has been corrupted and I should delete it and then reload it.Is there some way I could do this without it costing me an additional disk usage?

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                            When you wrote:


                            I have Windows Live Movie Maker and I loaded this video into it yesterday just to see what it would do.It worked just fine.I saved the video into the a Movie Maker folder.I then opened a new project in Premier Elements 10 and tried to bring the video from Movie Maker but Premier would not accept it.I got a message saying it was not compatible.

                            Did you output a WMV from WMM Live, or just Save that editing session?


                            What was the file format, that you attempted to Import into PrE?


                            The editing session file will not Import, but an output WMV file should.


                            Good luck,



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                              A.T. Romano Level 7



                              I got a little behind schedule today, but now I am in full action.


                              If you have a Windows Live Movie Maker export of your video file, it "should" import into Premiere Elements. Right now that is not happening.


                              Let us explore the Windows Live Movie Maker situation.

                              a. You import your file into the program.


                              b. When you go to export it, where are you clicking on the Save Movie button, at the bottom or the top. If you are hitting the top part, you are not setting your setting beforehand. Please take a look at this screenshot and the drop down menu that appears when I hit the lower portion of the Save Movie button. Are you doing that?



                              The program will offer you a recommended setting. What is it?


                              Notice, if you hit the top part of the Save Movie button, you will get the Save Movie dialog with no opportunity to define your export settings. When you hit the lower portion of the Save Movie button, then you get the drop down list. Once you make your choice there, then you get the Save Movie dialog.


                              Please let us know if any of the above applies to your situation. The file extension for exports from the Windows Live Movie Maker is expected to be .wmv. If you are not seeing file extensions, could it be the you have your Folder Options set up to hide the file extensions?


                              Please review the above and see if any of that helps.


                              We may need to have you run these problem files through a video properties readout program such as MediaInfo.



                              If we are not seeing any progress, then it might be a good idea to deactivate the program from within the program (Help Menu/Deactivate), close the program, go to Control Panel area and uninstall the program the usual way there. It might be a good idea to run ccleaner.


                              Do you have an installation disc?


                              But, I do not want to put you through all that unless there is no alternative. We may be just a step away from success. Please keep that thought. Do not give up.





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                                buffalobluff Level 1

                                Hello MR. Romano:My latest try!! I opened Windows Live Movie Maker and imported my video.I clicked on the small triangle at the bottom of the Save Movie box.A menue dropped down and Recommended For This Project  was highlighted.This was the choice I made the first time and it would not work.This time I chose For Computer.A box came up for me to enter a title and then I clicked Save.It went thru its process and I got a notice that said Your Movie, My Biography.WMV is done.I found it in my pictures file.I opened Premier Elements 10 and clicked Get Media And clicked From Files and Folders and imported my video from the pictures file.It loaded seamlessly into Premier!The title on the clip is My Biography.WMV.The best part is it is working correctly.The video and narration are in sync thru the entire video.I am HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!!!Thank you so much.This was starting to frazzle this old man.(I will be 83 in Nov.).The timeline had a red line so I

                                rendered it.I had to do it twice but it is now green.While I was looking thru my books I came across converting videos to DV-AVI.Should I look into this? Also when I was checking my Premier disks for a possible reload I saw that disk #1 of 5 was labled as a uninstall disk.If I ever need to should I use this or follow your instructions?I think I would rather follow you.Also I could not figure out how to find Folder Options to check the file extensions.Being a one finger typist I think I have said enough.  Again    THANK YOU     George

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                                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                                  The age you mentioned (I do not like writing  age numbers) is full of experiences that should get you through

                                  to great videos. Besides pixels, think experiences, not age. That is what I tell myself.


                                  Back to your great success. Well done. Congratulations.


                                  1. File extensions.

                                  If you have Windows 7 64 bit, you can control whether or not you see them.

                                  • Click on Start button.
                                  • In the Search Field above the Start, type in Folder Options, and then look to the top of that left column. It should show a panel for named Folder Options. Click on that to bring up the Folder Options dialog.
                                  • In the Folder Options dialog, click on the View Tab.
                                  • Under the View Tab, scroll to find the option "Hide extensions for known file types". Remove any check mark next to it. Click on Apply/OK or just OK depending on the circumstances.


                                  2. If you have to uninstall, I would do the following...no Adobe disc involved...


                                  • Open Premiere Elements, go to Help Menu/Deactivate and click on Deactivate. Close the project and the program.
                                  • Go to the Control Panel and do the typical Premiere Elements uninstall. You can decide with or without Content.
                                  • Then you can decide whether or not to clean up (optimize) the computer with ccleaner http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner
                                  • Then reinstall Premiere Elements 10 with the Adobe installation disc for Windows 7 64 bit. If needed, you should also have an Content installation disc for Windows.


                                  Please review the above. Do not hestitate to ask for further information before you start any of the above. Right now I am not seeing the need for program deactivation/uninstall/ccleaner/reinstall.


                                  Please update us on your progress. We are very pleased with your progress. Great work.



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                                    buffalobluff Level 1

                                    Hello MR. Romano:Please let me know if I am becoming a pain.With that said I am using a picture/negative scanner I purchased from Sears caller a PICS 2 SD.It will scan at 5 or 10 megapixels and store the pictures on a 2 GB SD card that I then download to my computer.I also have VHS and Hi8mm tapes that I have converted to  MPEG2  DVD disks and downloaded to my computer.My question.Will I need to run these photos and clips from the DVD videos thru the Live Movie Maker process to be sure they are compatable with my biography video?  Thank you     George

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                                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                                      All questions are welcomed so do not hesitate to ask.


                                      When you scan these negatives is the end product a jpg file or are you setting for a diffrent end file, such as tiff? The jpg and tiff file format should be compatible as is with Premiere Elements.

                                      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WSeffff8bffc802084-1665492e133c9c19956- 8000.html

                                      I do not see .tiff on the list but I have gotten .tiff files into Premiere Elements 10 without issue.


                                      But, one problem might be the "pixel dimensions" of the image in the file. In Windows Explorer, see if you get the pixel dimensions of each photo when you click on the thumbnail and bring your mouse cursor over the thumbnail. My concern is that the pixel dimensions may be too much oversized for the project and cause you project performance problems.


                                      I would go head to create a new NTSC DV Standard project...I am assuming that those "MPEG2 DVD disks" house DVD-VIDEO Standard 4:3 files.


                                      But, we should be clear on what you have. If you have DVD-VIDEO standard 4:3 on DVD disc, then you can place that DVD disc in the DVD burner tray and rip the video files (VOB) from the DVD using Premiere Elements 10 NTSC DV Standard project's Get Media/DVD camcorder of PC DVD Drive/Video Importer to get those files on the Premiere Elements 10 Timeline.


                                      If instead you have an assortment of MPEG2.mpg files saved to a DVD disc, then we can talk about those details next.


                                      Only if there are problems with the Premiere Elements 10 workflow, then would I consider any assists from Windows Live Movie Maker.


                                      Please check out the above, fill in some details, and then we will move forward in accord with your details.