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    Empty Pages while Reload in RoboHelp7

      Hello to everyone!
      I need urgent help with HTML RoboHelp7 on a Windows XP machine.

      If I reopen a HTML page inside a RoboHelp7 project, the page is empty and the HTML source contains only the standard header. Physicially the page and the old content is inside (I can see it with IE7) until I save the file from RoboHelp7 again. Then everything of the old contents is lost.

      At first I thought it was an error of files of the earlier version of RH. But then I noticed that also RH7 own files no longer displays. The files contain only some text, a table and a DHTML popup. In my latest tests, all with RH7 created to be sure. It looks as RH7 do not understand his own code.

      Does anybody has a hint for me ?

      Thank you for any help!
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