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    Light in pre-comp


      Hi all!

      Cs6/CC, Mac.
      I have Main Comp and Inner Comp in it.
      In second there are some solids and lights.
      When i look at preview in Inner Comp, i see effect that lights provide, but when i go to Main Comp, i see Inner Comp's content like i have set no lights up.
      In Main Comp 3d and transformation collapse triggers are enabled for InnerComp.


      Is there a way to get the effect of my lights to Inner Comp content in Main Comp without putting them right into Main Comp?

      i dont neet lights to work on Main Comp. just to Inner one.


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For lights and cameras in a pre-comp to show up in the nested comp you need to have collapse transformations turned off. If your camera is in the main comp and you have 3D layers in the pre-comp that you want to act like 3D layers then you have to put your lights in the main comp too. It's a matter of rendering order.


          It would really help if we knew why you don't want lights in your main comp. If it is because you want layers in the main comp that are not effected by lights then all you have to do is go into the material properties of those layers and turn off Accepts Lights.


          Without a more complete explanation of what you are trying to do accompanied by a screen shot I don't have anything else for you. The pink slab in the main comp is set to receive shadows but not to receive light. The rest should be easy to figure out.


          Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 6.28.09 PM.png

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            bloodfer Level 1

            Thank you for your answer, i've understood some things.


            The situation is:

            I have a precomp that contains walls and floor of the house. They are just flat images in 3d.

            I have three room lights.

            Because the size of those images are about 10k x 5k, i can't preview or render Full ("more than 2gb" error).

            But the error mesage displays on about 3rd frame when rendering.

            So my thought was just to render only one frame and loop it, because lights are static and AE doesnt have to analyze lighting of walls each frame.

            In main comp i would put characters with the same light (pickwhiped).


            Sorry for my bad English, i hope you've understood something:)

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              First, you don't need the layers to be so big. Set pieces, your walls, should only be big enough to fill the frame when the camera is farthest away. If you need to do really big moves you can build your set in sections eliminating the parts (layers) that move off screen as the camera moves. Plan your work so that you don't have huge images in the scenes that have to be scaled way down to fit in the frame.


              Second, I would work the other way around. I'd put my characters in Pre-comps and make them bigger than they need to be in the scene. Work on the individual performances in the pre-comp, then put them in the scene in the main comp as a 3D layer with collapsed transformations. I spent about 15 minutes setting this up tonight while the AME is kicking out a render. Hopefully it will give you some ideas.

              Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.54.09 AM.png

              Try playing with the project a bit. The walk cycle and smile are animated in the pre-comp. The blocking of the character - movement within the scene is animated inside the Main comp with the character in the room. There are a couple of other tricks here. Check out the expression that keeps the actor looking at the camera and the expression that ties focus distance to the point of interest to allow easy adjustment of the depth of field.


              Run your motion tests with the lights turned off for faster previews. When the motion is good, Turn on the lights. The project was saved as CS6.

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                bloodfer Level 1

                Thank you, Rick! That's clear!