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    Art History Brush

    amit photos

      When I use the art history brush at a very small size, it acts very weird.  As soon as I click in the document, a bunch of snake like things appear all over.  Like  a bunch of little worms spreading all over the page.  I've trashed my prefs, I've reset my tool, I've tried different brushes, I've checked scattering, noise, etc. in my brush settings, I've checked my blend modes, pretty everything I can think of doing, and they are still doing it.  Can someone please help me??

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          What version of photoshop and operating system are you using?


          Resetting the Art history Brush should reset it to Tight Short.


          Below are what should be the default settings for the Art History Brush.

          Do yours look the same?




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            davidc1815 Level 4

            What Art History brushstrokes look like is the product of a number of variables - brush type (chalk, spatter etc), size, document size and resolution, style, area and other brush settings like texture.  Quite small changes can drastically change the look of a stroke.  The same brush on two different images can look quite different.  Depending on the source image resolution, the stipple brush, Tight Short style and area of about 10 make a good place to start for a less abstracted brushstroke - but you have to experiment and save brushes you like as tool presets.

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              amit photos Level 1

              I am on a Mac, PS CC.  Yes, my settings look just like that.  Maybe it's the type of brush I'm using?  I don't know how else to explain what it's doing. 

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                amit photos Level 1

                I have tried all possible settings I can think of. Even when I use a very tiny brush, 1 or 2, it still does this.  I will keep trying with some different brushes I guess.  Thank you both for your help!

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                  davidc1815 Level 4

                  What size is the source image you are taking a snapshot from? (in pixels and in dimensions).