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    Title templates in Premier Pro CC?


      There don't seem to be any title templates in my new Premier Pro CC

      I have also installed CS6 PP as I want the Encore program - the templates are loaded in that version.

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

          Moving this discussion to the Premiere Pro forum.


          Clevedonian you may also want to review Library, title templates, template projects missing: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/library-functional-content-missing.html.

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            Clevedonian Level 1

            I've tried that. I can see the files in my Program Files folder but I don't understand how to place them in the Premier Pro.


            I can manage them one at a time but not in their individual folders.

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              Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

              Celvedonian what specific questions did you have regarding the Windows steps listed below:



              Note:  If you installed the previous functional content packages, it's possible that you have Templates and Textures folders in the Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\Presets folder. Delete these folders before installing.



              1. Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file to a convenient location (for example, the Desktop).
              2. Run the .exe file to create install folders for the Encore and Adobe Premiere functional content installers.
              3. Navigate to the folder for the content you want to install and execute the installer.
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                Clevedonian Level 1

                Hi Jeff


                Ok, I will go through the procedure I have followed numerous times recently!


                1.       On the http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/library-functional-content-missing.html page I press Windows (734 MB)

                2.       Pick up the resulting file (PremiereProCS6ContentWin.zip.part) in ‘Downloads’ and click on the application: PremierPro_6_Content_LS7

                3.       Select ‘Extract all’ in the resulting window and select ‘Desktop as the destination.

                4.       Select the desktop folder called ‘CS6 Functional Contact’ and run the file ‘PremierPro_6_Content_LS7’

                5.       Select ‘C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC’ as the destination and click ‘Next’

                6.       Received message ‘A problem occurred while extracting some files. Check available space on your computer and the write privileges on the destination folder’

                Regards Geoff

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                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                  Clevedonian you can also extract the files to a different directory to see if you face the same extraction errors.

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                    Clevedonian Level 1

                    Firstly, thanks for staying with me Jeff!




                    1.       Next tried selecting ‘C:\Users\Geoff\Desktop\Adobe CS6\Premiere Pro Family Content Installers’ as the destination and clicked ‘Next.

                    2.       Click ‘Finish’

                    3.       Folder opens called Adobe CS6 – Premier Pro Family Content Installers

                    4.       Click ‘Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Functional Content’ option

                    5.       Click ‘Set-up’ in the next folder

                    6.       ‘Adobe Installer’ runs – Licence Agreement window opens – click ‘Accept’

                    7.       Window called ‘Options’ appears.

                    8.       There is one ‘option’ (you can’t have just ONE option!!) – ‘Adobe Premier Pro CS6 Function Cont…’

                    9.       Select above ‘option’ and click ‘Install’

                    10.   Accept ‘changes to computer’ warning.

                    11.   Window called ‘Installation Complete’ with three hyperlinks – the membership page/My Adobe page/Video Tutorials and a ‘Close’ button.

                    12.   Click ‘Close’

                    13.   Nothing happens – titles still not present in my Premier Pro CC


                    I am paying a lot of money each month to buy this incomplete product, I do not believe that I should have to go through this, to me complicated, routine. I believe that the program should be delivered complete to my desktop – it is not.


                    In order to obtain ‘Adobe Encore’, as I still make DVDs for people, I had to load (free of charge I admit) the CS6 suite of programs, Premier Pro CS6 was included in this suite – complete with the ‘Title Templates’ fully loaded.

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                      Shadreck Rukweza Level 2

                      Clever Adobe seems to instruct you to download and install the CS6 content to work in CC. However if you attempt to to work in FCP or CS6 by exporting an XML you wont have access to all the titles and transitions and effects from CC to CS6. #GREATCHEATS!!

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                        Clevedonian Level 1

                        So I must assume that the lack of any further replies to this question means that I must find a better supported program?

                        I'm disappointed.

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                          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                          Clevedonian I have asked one of my colleagues who is more experienced with installing the functional content to respond.  This should be a common topic in the Premiere Pro forum so you may also want to search the forum as well for an answer on how to install the functional content.

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                            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            The instructions at http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/library-functional-content-missing.html only apply to CS6 and earlier, so they install into the CS6 folder and aren't visible to CC applications.


                            There is no functional content for Creative Cloud, so the "workaround" is to install CS6, then manually copy the content across into the CC folders:


                            COPY these three folders:

                            C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\presets\Styles

                            C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\presets\Templates

                            C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\presets\Textures



                            C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC\presets\

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                              Clevedonian Level 1

                              Many thanks Dave and Jeff - the problem is solved by using your instructions Dave


                              Thanks again

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                                Alasandro B

                                Worked like a charm. Thanks Dave!

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                                  Ok so I don't have CS6 to install and do this jerry-rigged solution. Inside Premiere Pro CC in the title templates section it has a link that brings me to the download page for the CS6 content. So when is the CC content going to be available? I am paying for it and I don't understand why the link would be inside the CC version of the program if it does not work at all for this version. How do I get this content to work without having to find and download a pirated version of CS6 to install just to make this happen? Anyone official have an answer to this? Adobe CC has been out long enough that this should not be a problem anymore.

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                                    Mark Mapes Adobe Employee

                                    I have no knowledge of why PPRO CC does not include functional content. What I can state definitively is that if you have PPRO CC, then you have free, legal access to PPRO CS6.


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                                      MisfireProd Level 1

                                      Thanks for the response and the tip. Didn't realize they included CS6 with CC. I'm not sure why anyone would need access to both versions other than to fix this issue. I find it really interesting there is no REAL solution for this. But I guess I'll take what I can get. I'll download CS6 and give this a try. Thanks again

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                                        rmartin215 Level 1

                                        It is now almost April 1914.  Does permiere cc titler have any way of installing templates?

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                                          I also had this problem. After performing the download of CS6 functional content I found the necessary folders in the PPro CS6 folder in Programs. I deleted the presets folder in CC, which only contained a default file. I then copied the entire Presets folder from CS6 and all appears to be working.

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                                            I have adobe premiere CC and tried to install Title template from Adobe premiere pro CS6 Functional Content but it didn t work. I tried to find CS6 version of Premiere to install it and to copy C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6\presets but no CS6 version found to download.


                                            So what is the solution


                                            Please help.


                                            Thanks a lot

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                                              Where and how can I download CS6 or is it possible to get a copy of those particular files from someone else to paste into my CC vers?

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                                                R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                In your CC Desktop applet, scroll down to the "Filters & Versions" highlighted line, and click on it ... then navigate to selecting PrPro CS6. I think actually you can unzip it and then copy the folders ... or does it actually unzip while installing ... brain freeze, sorry!


                                                And at any rate, after you've got the folders copied over you can uninstall or delete the rest of it unless you want to keep it. You can run CS6 & CC versions live on the same machine.



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                                                  mkkmele Level 1

                                                  Thanks, it worked. I had no idea I already had CS6 installed. Go figure. Now that I AM able to access the templates, theyre pretty lame!?! wth?! Every other program Ive used came with way more automated templates for transitions, titles, filters, etc. Is there someplace Im not looking, or are there more plugins, add ons, i can download to go with these? Id hate to have to spend the time creating actions that were so simple using other programs like FCPX, etc....???

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                                                    R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                    PrPro has the library of effects in the effects panel ... and of course the ones that can be brought forward from CS6, but past that ... they expect that major "effects" are done in AfterEffects, and there's a TON of templates for that program available around the web. Or that one creates some things or acquires them around.


                                                    Those coming from outside the fold so to speak oft complain of the lack of presets & templates. Those used to working within the PrPro framework tend to be either rather disdainful of "wimps" ...  or for many, simply puzzled that someone using a "professional" program expects the kind of hand-holding that amateur programs give. There are add-ons for PrPro out there ... you'll have to search for them, of course.


                                                    But welcome ... we do have fun discussions here ... 



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                                                      mkkmele Level 1

                                                      Thanks Neil, i get it. Just frustrated after learning FCPX and now having to - what feels like - start all over learning AE & PPro. Frustrating to have to spend the time creating simple lower thirds actions, etc which takes away from the real stuff I wanna be spending my time on. Maybe you could help me with my latest mind f*ck. Getting my audio track to play in AE? Ive been able to use the CTRL+0 function to play it from the beginning but thats about it. Which means I start all over from the beginning every time i want to preview an edit i made on my spinning graphics as I try to time it to the music. HOPEFULLY im doing something wrong, because this seems like the most counter productive/intuitive method for editing ANYTHING?! Just for a lower thirds sequence, Ive got to go back and forth between programs?! and now for audio, im limited to only playbacks from the beginning? how are other people NOT banging their heads against the wall using this software?!!


                                                      Btw, im on Lynda, ive viewed the rounds of youtubes, i AM trying to learn this and figure it out, but its been a whole lot of trial and error, with seemingly very little success. Got any pearls of wisdom for a struggling artist?! :}


                                                      Mahalo a nui,


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                                                        R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                                                        I'm afraid I'm sitting right next to you "in the boat" and you just don't see me! Ha ... I've managed to pull off a few things in Ae with help from "lynda", shooternz, Jim Simon and others around here, and a few others elsewhere. Spinning graphics? Timing lower thirds to music? Haven't done those yet ... I've got some lower thirds to do that need scrolling text on a project "up" at the moment. I figure probably Tuesday I'll be doing that ... from a couple of the lynda tut's it doesn't seem too hard in PrPro really. Thankfully no need for Ae on it ... that program is mystifying to me.


                                                        I do so love the members of the Ae forum that are sweet to "noobs" with that program and gently helpful to someone who's baffled & puzzled and needs explicit instructions as I DON'T even know what names for the 35 options for everything mean let alone what they do ... and "well, just try something for dang's sake ... " can mean spending a couple days punching buttons. With no progress made ... not good. Some of the old hands there can be testy with someone like me ... as in, "go play in some amateur sandbox & leave Ae to us pros". Yet my projects are also paid ... I'm just not a full-time for 30 years video person. Master at stills portraits for 35+ years, yes. Video ... fairly new. I can get around in Sg pretty good, love that program ... can survive in PrPro. Still rather intimidated by Ae. And then there's Audition & Encore ... oh my, the learning curve of the last two years ...