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    problems exporting a movie

    upel1 Level 1

      hi, i hope you will be able to help me, (and forgive my poor english).

      i use adobe cc, and it works great except when it comes to exporting a movie.

      many times when i export a movie using the media encoder to MPEG2 - DVD, and the sequence is longer then one hour it doesn't export the video, and i get a black screen. when i do the export threw premiere pro it works properly. but it prevents me from using the computer and exporting multiply sequences.

      today i had another problem, and this time the premiere pro didn't help, i tried to export a movie from a p2 camera (resolution of 1440X1080) to H264. i couldn't do it in both programs, and it only worked when i used my old adobe cs5.5 premiere pro. are you familier with this problem? if so' is there any soloution for this?

      thank you!